How is your after care delivered?

October 13, 2018

If I am right that the greater part of getting good value from your hearing aid purchase is the AFTER CARE element, then before you decide, you should check your new supplier for some indicators:

– Are you being offered a free trial before you have to pay anything?
– Is there a cancellation fee if you ask for a refund?
– Are you told to “Call us if you have a problem” OR, is your next appointment pre-booked?
– Is the after care element mentioned and stressed? or is it not?

It is actually our responsibility to ensure that you are:
– capable of using your new hearing aids
– hearing as well as possible in background noise (with the facility for multiple fine-tuning visits included in the price)

Our VAT payment rules account for this, so we can say that two-thirds of the total cost is for after care, and not for the product itself. In effect, if you do not receive superb after care, then you have not got good value.

West Yorkshire

These hearing aid reviews has been compiled by me, Robert Donnan, with a little help from our 4 main contributors (who are all patients of mine). I’m an independent private ‘hearing aid dispenser’ (HCPC registered). Hopefully, we can help debunk some over-marketing of hearing aids, and give you, the potential hearing aid consumer a better insight into the hearing aid market.

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Oticon Opn S 1

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Resound LiNX Quattro

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