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Netherlands: Phonak Marvel M90 vs. M50?

July 2, 2019

“Very good for normal hearing. Far better than my 5 year old Resound.”

“All is crisp and clear”

“I now have an M90, that promised to reduce echo. But in a large room, I did not hear any real improvement. If the curtains are closed, everything works fine, but if you open the curtains you hear the echo again. 
As a consequence (and see below) I will now try the far cheaper M50. Why pay for a feature that has no real effect?

Streaming with Bluetooth works fine. But the hands-free feature was a big disappointment. It only works in a quiet room. But in a car, outside, supermarket etc 80% of the time the phone calls fail, because the other party cannot understand me. Logical, because the microphones are hidden behind the ear, and to let others hear my voice I must start speaking very loudly. And that is a little embarrassing, and also not very respectful for the people that call you. The solution, to use the microphone of your phone is – according to Phonak – something that is theoretically not possible because of Bluetooth.”