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Oticon Intent 1 vs. Phonak Lumity

July 2, 2024

From HJ, product tester:

“The L90’s are currently in use all the time. I’ve retired the Widex B440’s for music listening. The L90s do the job as well and with less tendency to feedback. There’s no need for me to keep swapping.

I tried the Intent 1. They are excellent hearing aids, with very similar overall performance to the L90s.

… It could have been Oticon or Phonak. It didn’t really matter which. They are both superb hearing aids.

I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the performance of the Intent 1 and the L90s as hearing aids. The differences are trivial and boil down to personal preference. Also, price.

  • The Intents are slightly bulkier behind the ear towards the top than the L90s. They were a bit noisy because of contact with my spectacle arms. The L90s don’t make any noise behind my ear.
  • The sound of music streamed from a phone to the Intents using LE Audio is very good. Very detailed in the mid-range. Female vocals in particular sound excellent. The bottom end is lacking though. I think that most people would be very happy with the sound, but not fans of AC/DC or Led Zeppelin.
  • The streamed sound of the L90s isn’t quite as detailed as the Intents, but the bass is more realistic. One of my test tracks is Get it Hot, by AC/DC. The L90s don’t give quite the same experience as a decent Hi-Fi, but they try.
  • Phonak aids have universal Bluetooth connectivity. Oticon aids don’t.
  • The Intent charger is a poor little thing with no lid. The L90 charger is neat and compact. With a lid.”
HJ, July 2024
Consumer Lumity

Phonak Lumity L90R Tested!

June 26, 2024

HJ (Product Tester) is familiar with many brands and models of hearing aids. He sets up each model himself. In this scenario – the Phonak P30R, P90R and L90R were compared over two months. He owns Oticon Intent 1 and Widex Moment 440 as well.

“Phonak L90s are excellent hearing aids. My hearing is noticeably better than it was with the P30s and probably better than it was with the trial P90s.

They are almost completely “transparent”. By that, I mean that they just sit there and do their job without colouring the sound in any way that I can detect*. I can forget about them, confident that they are doing their job, working well in all scenarios.

*The sound of music using the automatic program is much better than it was with the P30s. I can hear the effect of the Feedback Manager, but it isn’t particularly intrusive. I would be happy to use the automatic program all the time if it wasn’t for the fact that the independent Music program sounds even better. I set up the two Music programs, one with the Feedback manager on and the second one with the Manager off. The P30 used to feed back using the Music program with the Feedback manager off. With the L90s there is no feedback and the sound of music from my Hi-Fi is excellent. Widex can go bust now.

The sound of music streamed from my phone is very good. Probably better than the P30s and definitely better than the Oticon Intents using LE Audio. LE Audio is compromised by the fact that it is based on the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth LE.

Phone calls work well. I like the tap to answer feature.”

Update one month in:

“They are better than I expected. Much better. 

The turning point for me was the sound of the music program with the feedback manager turned off. It sounds great, with no feedback and no interference. At last. Brilliant. About time.” 
Consumer Lumity Oticon Phonak Product Tester Review Real Technical

Report on comparison trial with two pairs of hearing aids.

August 14, 2023

Oticon Real 1 R & Phonak Audeo Lumity 90 R


July 2023

Day one – 11th July

Phonak Audeo Lumity 90: At start sounded a little tinny compared with Oticon Real. However…