Hearing Aids to leave for the time being (just an opinion):

With many things in life, it depends on whether the price and service back-up is right. Is the value-for-money proposition good? So if these listed are a bargain, then they might be worth another look!

  • Sivantos: the seemingly incredible technology and astounding claims made? Siemens hearing sold their hearing aid division to Sivantos, Germany in 2016, and now a merger with Widex is imminent. This could suggest various things. For the wary consumer, I’d suggest – leave these brands alone for now.          AJ 08.10.2018
  • Widex: Widex were a high-end brand in the 90s – but things have moved on since then. Various issues such as the loss of skill in the move from London to Chester, and the Unique chip being offered immediately for sale in Specsavers… are indicative of a UK market share drop-off.       MR 27.09.2018