What’s the difference between NHS and private?

October 10, 2018

So, you should try NHS first -it’s free and you are British.
How and What you get does vary from region to region.

From what I can determine, the main differences are:
TECHNICAL: Thin tube hearing aids are widely distributed via the NHS, whereas thin wire (RIC) aids are often smaller and more efficient. A very few areas do offer thin wire hearing aids.
TECHNICAL: In some CCGs, there is a poor selection of dome sizes, and thin tube replacements, but not all.
TECHNICAL: The models used in the NHS MAY be less successful versions, already tried in the European market.
AESTHETIC: Thin wire hearing aids are smaller than thin tube.
HOLISTIC: A good private dispenser should spend much more time with you, with fine-tuning.

West Yorkshire

These hearing aid reviews has been compiled by me, Robert Donnan, with a little help from our 4 main contributors (who are all patients of mine). I’m an independent private ‘hearing aid dispenser’ (HCPC registered). Hopefully, we can help debunk some over-marketing of hearing aids, and give you, the potential hearing aid consumer a better insight into the hearing aid market.

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