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Marvel Technical

How to reset a jammed Phonak Marvel Rechargeable Hearing Aid

October 25, 2019

If your hearing aid has a solid green light when out of the charger:

hold the bottom of the button down for 15 seconds

place back in the charger for 2…


London: Marvel no good

August 14, 2019

Phonak Marvel

“As the set I have are meant to be top of the range, I’m very disappointed in:

a. The ability of the hearing aids to adapt to the surrounding…

Marvel Netherlands

Netherlands: Phonak Marvel M90 vs. M50?

July 2, 2019

“Very good for normal hearing. Far better than my 5 year old Resound.”

“All is crisp and clear”

“I now have an M90, that promised to reduce echo. But in a large room, I did not hear any real improvement. If the curtains are closed, everything works fine, but if you open the curtains you hear the echo again. 
As a consequence (and see below) I will now try the far cheaper M50. Why pay for a feature that has no real effect?

Streaming with Bluetooth works fine. But the hands-free feature was a big disappointment. It only works in a quiet room. But in a car, outside, supermarket etc 80% of the time the phone calls fail, because the other party cannot understand me. Logical, because the microphones are hidden behind the ear, and to let others hear my voice I must start speaking very loudly. And that is a little embarrassing, and also not very respectful for the people that call you. The solution, to use the microphone of your phone is – according to Phonak – something that is theoretically not possible because of Bluetooth.”



Consumer Marvel Opn

Australia: Marvel or Opn S?

July 2, 2019


“Hi Robert
Thanks again for your help.
I am an iPhone user so the MFI system for the Oticon S1 was indeed a product I seriously considered. I believe the Bluetooth implementation on the Oticon is better than in the Phonak, as the Oticon uses Bluetooth LE and allows for multiple device connections, whereas the Phonak uses old Bluetooth classic and only allows for a single device connection?”

Our response:

“That’s a really interesting point. The Marvel actually uses a protocol created by Phonak. True, the previous product used BT Classic. In actual fact, the Marvel can connect for audio to just about anything, whereas the Opn S can only connect to Apple. Furthermore, you can take calls on the ear with Marvel – with the Opn S you need to talk to the phone.
So I would say the Phonak system is superior. All other 5 big manufacturers use ‘made for iPhone’ – but Phonak created their own. I’m pretty positive about both products.”