Phonak Virto B90 Titanium

Many adverts are suggesting that potential ‘new users’ of hearing aids will be delighted with a new IIC (that is, a pop in, invisible, discreet etc. hearing aid). This is seldom the case. You can discover the reality with our safe evaluation process. We will make sure you get what’s right for the job.

However it is fair to say that this particular version is one of the better examples.There were modelling problems with it initially, but I would say they are now resolved.The shell is 70% thinner than the normally used acrylic, so the manufacturer can either make the product smaller, or has more room for bigger components (a good example being the more powerful ‘receiver’ for moderate to severe hearing losses).
It is of course, much stronger and less likely to crack over time, etc.

We are currently testing this aid on two subjects.

Results are very encouraging:

‘No-one can see them… ‘   (long term CIC user)

‘These are just the ticket…’    (long term CIC user)