The best apps and gadgets for hearing aids:

  1. Resound Smart app for Linx Quattro
  2. Phonak Remote app and TV connector for Audeo B-Direct
  3. Oticon On app (and ifttt integration) with TV Adaptor & ConnectClip for Opn


iStock_000012110875_Small  Resound Smart app (for iPhones and Resound LiNX Quattro hearing aids)


“Adjust volume, treble and bass on the go.

Save programs: Create favourite programs in your locations and have your hearing aids switch to them in particular places – or activate them yourself wherever you are.

Guide: Look up information about your hearing aid such as what each ‘beep’ means.

Finder: If you misplace your hearing aids, you can quickly track them down with the ReSound Smart app’s ‘Finder’ function.

Balance: When you are streaming audio from your TV, music system or computer, you have separate volume controls for the audio and your surroundings”

Remote audiologist programming: Unique to Resound, request fine-tuning changes via the app from anywhere, and it’s done.


Our Verdict: The revolutionary hearing aid app that gives the iPhone / iPad user an amazing level of control over their hearing aids. No other device is needed. Includes streaming of audio, music and calls. Some connectivity problems are reported, but generally a wonderful leap forward for hearing aid users.

Alternatives: the Starkey Halo IQ and TruLink™ app (streaming to iPhones, not Android) and the Sivantos Signia Pure with the TouchControl app (remote control functions only)




iStock_000012110875_Small  Phonak Remote app and TV connector for Audeo B-Direct

“The amazing new PHONAK B-Direct with Bluetooth technology connects  hearing aids to cell phones or Bluetooth enabled music sources. The Phonak Remote App turns any smartphone (Android and iOS) into a remote control. The Remote App provides clients with Phonak B-Direct hearing aids the opportunity to extend more control and flexibility through the use of their smartphone. With the TV connector, you can stream audio straight to both hearing aids, just by walking into your lounge.”


Our Verdict: Phonak’s answer to the 4 other manufacturers that have went down the ‘made for iPhone’ route. And that’s the point really. Phonak B is our favourite hearing aid system, and now it can stream calls too. This is probably an unbeatable package. You can stream audio, take calls and remote control thru the app using either Android or Apple phones.




iStock_000012110875_Small  Oticon On app (and ifttt integration) with TV Adaptor for Opn


“Stream calls and audio in stereo at the sound level you prefer. Nobody has to be aware, so you can enjoy radio, podcasts, audio books without fuss or distraction.

While Oticon hearing aids are designed for your ears, the new On App for iPhone® is designed for your fingertips. With just a few taps, you can set the perfect sound level or select a different program.

Imagine being able to listen to a TV program with your family or friends, where you have full control over your preferred sound levels, while everyone else hears the sound at their usual level. The TV Adapter and On App allows you to do just this with a minimum of fuss.”


Our Verdict: The TV adapter features Dolby sound. That’s good. The app has very few features making it simple to use perhaps?