As amplification technology plateaus, will there be more apps?!

April 3, 2016

We already have hearing aids controlled directly via smartphones: The market-leading Phonak Audeo Marvel, the commercially successful and well publicised GN RESOUND LiNX QUATTRO, the BRAND NEW to market OTICON OPN S 1 – the most sophisticated hearing aid ever, the Sivantos Signia, Widex Evoke and the Starkey Livio AI. You should expect other similar products to appear shortly.

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West Yorkshire

These hearing aid reviews has been compiled by me, Robert Donnan, with a little help from our 4 main contributors (who are all patients of mine). I’m an independent private ‘hearing aid dispenser’ (HCPC registered). Hopefully, we can help debunk some over-marketing of hearing aids, and give you, the potential hearing aid consumer a better insight into the hearing aid market.

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Unique Features: Interactive remote audiologist programming, Hands-free answering and ending of calls

Oticon Opn S 1

The superior quality ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aid.

Resound LiNX Quattro

Best remote control app. ‘Made for iPhone’ with remote audiologist programming app.