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The Starkey Livio AI (2019)

March 30, 2019

A very interesting product that may somewhat lift interest in Starkey products in Europe:
Here is a summary of what this hearing aid offers:

Thrive virtual assistant – an app you can ask questions about your hearing aids (similar to Google assistant / Amazon Echo).

On-board Translation assistant: Choose from 27 available languages. When you speak into an iPhone®, the app will translate the user’s speech and display it on the screen in the other person’s language. When the other person speaks into the phone, the app will translate their speech, display it in the user’s language on the phone, and stream the translated audio to the user’s Livio™ AI hearing aids in their language. Pretty amazing stuff.

Transcribe – conversations can be captured and transcribed into text that is displayed on the hearing aid wearer’s smartphone screen.Think of it as closed captioning for real world situations. Imagine asking for directions on a busy street and getting a helpful but complicated answer. Option of saving, texting, copying or emailing the transcribed text.

Hearing Aid self-check – After the user initiates the test, a diagnostic analysis runs on the main components of their hearing aids – the receiver, microphone, sensor and circuit. If an issue is uncovered, instructions on how to fix it will appear on the user’s smartphone screen. The user may be prompted to make an appointment with their hearing professional depending on what the specific issue is.

Tap Control – tap the rear of the hearing aid to change settings, stop streaming, etc.

Hearing Care Anywhere™ – remote programming capabilities.

Find my hearing aids – location and timestamp locator to find a lost / mislaid hearing aid.

Rechargeable lithium ion 

Streaming of calls from any smartphone

Streaming of music from any modern smartphone, TV or media device, like Amazon™ Echo.

Geo-tagged locations – save settings to a location and the hearing aids will remember them on the next visit.

Body + Brain Tracking – the combination of activity, steps and overall movement is tracked daily, as is the total wearing time of the hearing aids and is accessed easily in the Thrive™ Hearing Control app.

Fall Detection and alerts – Thanks to integrated sensors, Livio™ AI is the world’s first hearing aid that can detect when a hearing aid wearer falls and send alert messages to selected contacts.

Heart Rate Monitor (coming soon) – Thanks to a sensor integrated into the hearing aid receiver, wearers can view important heart rate information such as their heart rate, the history and their heart rate recovery. (Livio AI rechargeable hearing aids with a custom Healthable Receiver).

I think the FALL DETECTION function is fascinating in terms of potential on an elderly, frail person. And the TRANSLATE function could be really useful for travellers.

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