London: Marvel no good

August 14, 2019

Phonak Marvel

“As the set I have are meant to be top of the range, I’m very disappointed in:

a. The ability of the hearing aids to adapt to the surrounding noise – they can’t do that – they just make everything louder.

b. Bluetooth quality is appalling with both an iPhone and Samsung (I have tried both to ensure it isn’t the phone). In a wide open area (a square, rail station, a street junction) the drop outs when streaming to them are frequent and the sound is horrendous. Music or audio books have to be paused until the square or rail station is exited.

My retailer Boots has no clue about this – they’ve swapped them out for another pair, sent them back to Phonak (who didn’t even take a look I think as they were exactly the same)

Sound Quality generally: Okayish
Hearing in background noise: Terrible
Connectivity: As per above – Bluetooth is not something Phonak have mastered”.

London, 14/08/19

West Yorkshire

These hearing aid reviews has been compiled by me, Robert Donnan, with a little help from our 4 main contributors (who are all patients of mine). I’m an independent private ‘hearing aid dispenser’ (HCPC registered). Hopefully, we can help debunk some over-marketing of hearing aids, and give you, the potential hearing aid consumer a better insight into the hearing aid market.

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Unique Features: Interactive remote audiologist programming, Hands-free answering and ending of calls

Oticon Opn S 1

The superior quality ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aid.

Resound LiNX Quattro

Best remote control app. ‘Made for iPhone’ with remote audiologist programming app.