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Consumer Opn Phonak

When considering which brand….

November 14, 2020

You can’t ignore how popular each brand is? 

As a very rough guide, we can look at the financials of each main company. In this case, latest revenue (shown in…


Oticon Opn App – interesting!

August 24, 2019

Apparently, this chap has managed to defy time and relativity.
The aids were on for around 13 hours that day, but nevertheless:

Consumer Marvel Opn

Australia: Marvel or Opn S?

July 2, 2019


“Hi Robert
Thanks again for your help.
I am an iPhone user so the MFI system for the Oticon S1 was indeed a product I seriously considered. I believe the Bluetooth implementation on the Oticon is better than in the Phonak, as the Oticon uses Bluetooth LE and allows for multiple device connections, whereas the Phonak uses old Bluetooth classic and only allows for a single device connection?”

Our response:

“That’s a really interesting point. The Marvel actually uses a protocol created by Phonak. True, the previous product used BT Classic. In actual fact, the Marvel can connect for audio to just about anything, whereas the Opn S can only connect to Apple. Furthermore, you can take calls on the ear with Marvel – with the Opn S you need to talk to the phone.
So I would say the Phonak system is superior. All other 5 big manufacturers use ‘made for iPhone’ – but Phonak created their own. I’m pretty positive about both products.”

Consumer Opn Technical

Oticon Opn vs. Widex Beyond review (2 years in)

May 30, 2019

Oticon Opn 1 Revisited

“I have been wearing hearing aids since 2016. The hearing in my left ear is impaired and I have age-related hearing loss in my right ear.